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Jake + Julie - Couple's Session

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Cozy and Snowy and All the Great Winter Things

Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting one of my fav couples: Jake and Julie. The way these two interact is just so natural and great, and honestly just so prefect. The love is real. I think you can see that from these photos. Also you can see their love for their cute ass dogs too, and I appreciate the love and care they show their dogs.

What inspired this shoot is something Julie and Jake love to do with their dogs: sledding. Julie was the one who got me involved in mushing, and seeing her run her dogs is just so great. The smiles the dogs give match Julies and that bond is just priceless to watch. So we decided to do a boujee sledding shoot with all the warm cozy vibes winter has to offer. We hiked one of my favorite places to hike, and we were surrounded with some amazing views the whole time. Honestly, such a great day and fun shoot with two people who love the crap out of each other. Please enjoy some of my favorite selects from this shoot:

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