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Katie + Jake - Engagement

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Just northwest of Boulder Colorado, there's a little town called Nederland. And just north of there, a little town called Ward, Colorado. And if you keep driving, you'll find the Indian Peaks Wilderness. One of the first places I ever explored in Colorado. Brainerd Lake Recreation Area has so many wonderful hiking trails with views starting in the parking lot. Dare I say.... better views than Rocky Mountain National Park?

Now, typically the first words out of a couples mouth when I arrive to a shoot is "Just so you know we need a lot of direction" or "We look terrible in photos and are awkward" or "We're really nervous."

Every engagement shoot I have ever started starts with nervous and anxious energy adding pressure to making sure you look good. I get it.

If there's anything I can say to ease you mind its this: Everyone is photogenic. It just takes the right photographer to get you comfy. Trust out vision when we tell you to do something silly, and understand that we've got your back.

Typically the last words out of a couples mouth when I'm leaving a shoot is "This was so much easier than I thought it would be" or "We are so excited to see the photos!"

Every engagement shoot I have ever ended ends with smiles and a full memory card of STUNNING photos of y'all looking cute together. Evidence of of stunning photos below, featuring Katie and Jake <3

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