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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

We've been lucky enough to shoot for Kelty more than once. We've created multiple projects for them: creating both photos and videos of their products.

Kelty is an outdoor brand, creating budget-friendly camping and hiking products to help anyone be able to get outside. Specifically, Kelty focuses on the fun of the outdoors, quoting they are something "way more fun than work," and we agree.

Our first project for Kelty focused on a few of their products: the Big Shady, the Kelty loveseat, their GYST storage system, and their new sleeping bag design.

The second project we did for them was centered around their loveseats, as that content we created for them performed INCREDIBLY well. It drove sales, and I watched the industry go from a few people knowing to them flying off the shelves. Now, I don't know anyone that doesn't have one. They can attest to this too.

The third project we worked on for Kelty focused on just having a good time in the outdoors; this was a video project.

And lastly, we created content for their holiday campaign in December.

Overall, the content we created for Kelty hit our pillars:

1. End the over posed

2. Capture the real fun

3. Center the brand

See our favorite selections from a year of projects for Kelty.

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