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Shirin and Behin

My dear friend Shirin is a part of a club no one really wants to be in. The Dead Mom's club is a club some of my closest friends are in, and I don't envy them. They are, however, some of the strongest and most intelligent women I know. Shirin lost her mother in a freak accident nine years ago. And she has grown into a woman that any mother would be proud of.

From what I know about Behin, she was a woman who was focused in the present and lived every day in the now. She wasn't a dweller on past events or a major planner for the future. She was rooted in what was around her and what was important. Shirin has shared some memories with me about Behin that made me laugh and wish I had known her. But the more I hear about Behin, the more I think I do know her.

I know her through Shirin. The type of person Shirin is emulates her mother, as though she is living through Shirin. The way she laughs at herself, the way she cares for others, the way she feels every moment and emotion so vividly, the way she experiences her life can all be tied back to the teachings of her mother, Behin.

Behin, thank you for sharing your daughter with us.

In these photos below, Shirin is wearing Behin's dress, necklace and wedding ring. I saw a photo of her mother. They could be sisters. Maybe they were in a past life. Behin sure thought they had met before this life time. And they will meet again. I just know it.

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