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about the photographers

Hi—we're Ellen and Julie

we're dog obsessed & proud

At Tails of Voyage, we're more than just Denver based photographers; we're dog lovers, too. We believe that every dog has their own story to tell, and we're here to help share it with the world. Whether you're looking to capture your dog's unique personality, celebrate a special occasion or create beautiful memories to last a lifetime, we're here to help. As fellow dog obsessed humans, we want you to know you're among friends. We welcome you to bring your authentic selves to your session to showcase your relationship in a candid, natural way. 

Denver's favorite dog photographers with their huskies and rescue dogs

meet our dogs

meet Ellen

Ellen's dogs are Nelle and Louise


I'm Ellen. I started photography in high school over 15 years ago, and found my muse when I adopted Nelle from a rescue in southern Missouri. Though I desperately wanted a dog as a child, I didn't grow up with dogs. When I started an instagram for Nelle, I did so to keep a diary of all our memories together, but it's also brought me to a career in documenting people and their dogs. Nelle is my soulmate, and is such a special dog to me. Seeing the special connections you all have with your dogs affirms that capturing that bond is what I'm meant to do. I adopted my second dog Louise in 2019, and she helps me practice shooting in a more candid style. She helps me appreciate the little moments in between poses. It's been so rewarding to practice dog photography with my own dogs and be able to share that skill with all of you. 

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meet Julie

Julie's dogs are Tucker, Leo, and Pepper

Julie here; I’ve been a creative dog lover my whole life, so to be here saying I am a professional dog photographer feels like a dream. Growing up, I was always begging my parents to bring me to various dog events to photograph the dogs, from charity runs to conformation dog shows. When I finally got my first dog right out of college, a Siberian husky named Tucker, he instantly became my best friend and inspiration behind the art I wanted to create. I started an Instagram account for him the day he came home to document our life together. Since then, I’ve grown my pack from one dog to now three. Tucker, Leo, & Pepper have given me the gift of being incredible subjects to practice my photography skills on through the years, and nothing fulfills me more than sharing the joy of every dog’s individual personality. Being a dog photographer is more than just a job for me. It's a way to capture the incredible connection between dogs and their humans - so, can I take a photo of your dog?

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