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A Weekend Kelty Built for a FUN Time

Every weekend we shoot for Kelty ends up being an epic blast filled with good food, fun people, and amazing experiences. Trying out their products is always so fun! Comparing tents to ones we have used from them in the past and sleeping bags honestly informs me a lot about products I like more than others in the outdoor industry.

Kelty: Built for play.

I think camping brings out the kid in all of us. I always think of outdoor stores as toy stores for adults. And when we camp, there is no hustle we have to think about. We hang up a hammock, cook some s'mores, and thats about all there is to it. Drink a little with your friends, cuddle a little with your dogs and smile a whole heck of a lot. 99% of camping consists of that for us.

Julie's favorite thing about camping is getting in her tent and relaxing with her dogs right before drifting off to sleep. Mine is starting the fires and cooking over a flame. I am the "fire bender" of the group because without me, some of these women would starve. Raindrops onto of the tent whilst sleeping is another favorite of ours.

Ty to Kelty for giving us the opportunity to play while we work.

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