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Bandanas Save Everyone From Having a Bad Time

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

OKAY WOW WOW. Julie and I coordinating shoots for some branded content and let us tell you about our experience:

Shoot 1: The trail we were going to originally was closed because it was too muddy. Which is why we were going there... but we couldn't LEGALLY hike it, so we made different plans. Due to lack of service we both ended up at different trailheads and it was like the most frustrating evening. We then made another plan and ENDED UP AT DIFFERENT TRAILHEADS AGAIN. How does this happen to us???? We ended up doing a night nike for Leo's birthday. The next day, we ended up getting better footage than we could have imagined, so BLESS. It was all worth it.

Shoot 2: The trail we were going to originally was experiencing a BLIZZARD and officials came to the trailhead and told everyone to leave. This trailhead is 1.5 hours from home, and everyone had already drove... so we were determined to make it work. We searched high and low for an alternative (I drove 20 miles one way and then turned around and then turned around again.) WE FINALLY FOUND A TRAIL THAT WASN'T A DEATH SENTENCE AND MADE IT WORK.

Every day is an adventure.... and with our Banded Pines bandanas, our adventures were dirt free... well not free from dirt but we washed up well. We ended up having a blast both times we shot, it just took us a while to get there. Below are some of my favorite shots from our adventures as well as the full video!

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