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Brittany + Will

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

I think people have this ideal wedding in their heads, and when that day comes, expectations can fall short. But for Brittany and Will, anything but that happened. This day was literally perfect. Despite the mudslide the night before, all their guests arrived safely and were able to party with them the night before the wedding.

When we arrived in the morning, all the girls were sharing mimosas and memories and just having a girls brunch all together. From there, the women in Brittany's life got ready and headed to the ceremony location for Brittany's grand entrance in a horse-drawn carriage that pulled her up to the end of the aisle.

Especially when I'm shooting a wedding and I've already seen the bride, it's so much fun to watch the groom see her for the first time. Just before Brittany arrived, Will walked off to practice his vows one more time before the wedding. He walked off into a field with the mountains in the background. Their love could be seen even when they weren't together.

The weather was perfect. The readings were amazing. The vows brought us all to tears. My heart ached for how incredible this couple is.

After giving Will and Brittany some intimate time to get photos of just the two of them, we headed to the reception and they had a wonderful 30-minute carriage ride all to themselves. They had an adorable first dance to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and everything else from then on was just perfect, intimate and relaxed. Below are some of our favorite images and the highlight video from their day. Please enjoy their love.

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