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Brittany + Will - Engagement

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Brittany & Will - We Only Shoot Pretty People Edition 324:

Julie and I joke that we only shoot pretty people... because we are always blessed with the most stunning clients who are just amazing people, inside and out. Brittany and Will were SO easy to shoot. They effortlessly showed their love for each other and were so comfortable just existing with each other. I feel like as a photographer, capturing love is so easy when you have two people who are unequivocally in love.

Brittany and Will met at a bar (before Tinder and all the quick dating apps too). They are both so bubbly and kind, the match makes so much sense.

Another funny photoshoot story... It was blizzarding minutes before our shoot started. Thanks, Colorado. So Julie and I were kind of freaking out about how this summer shoot was going to go. Luckily Brittany and Will were "up for it" even if it was snowing... it stopped just in time, and it started snowing as we walked back to the car. Bless this good timing.

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