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Camping is 1,000 Times Better with Dogs and Kelty, Science Says

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Y'all know these two girls know how to get down a dirty and camp long weekends. We may live in Denver, but most of our time is spent in the mountains. We LOVED working with Kelty and creating branded content for them during our last camping trip in Moab. We are all patiently waiting until it STOPS snowing in Colorado so we can have weekends like this every single week.

We had a hard time finding a camp site at first and I won't get into it but we got kicked off BLM land by a very rude woman that called us "D*ck heads" for being from Colorado. We off roaded, drove through four feet deep water and found the BEST campsite for the BEST weekend.

Basically the entire weekend consisted of all of us talking about how many products we now want from Kelty... specifically their love seat chairs which are honestly the most amazing chairs I've ever sat in because dogs can fit too. If you don't get to cuddle with your dog whilst camping, what is the point?!?!

To escape the hot sun, the dogs used their favorite Kelty product: The Big Shady. Which in all honesty ended up being my favorite place to chill at high noon. And when it randomly started raining?!

Check out the amazing video and shots we took in Moab. And get ready for some more work with Kelty coming at the end of April :)

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