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Sam + Mo - Couple's Session

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

City Shoot with the Best

Upon moving to Colorado, I was warmly welcomed by so many amazing people: one of them being Sam. I met Sam because we both have dogs, and what more do you need in a friendship? I quickly learned that she is a HARD ASS who doesn't take BS from people, and honestly: that's my favorite quality. Her dogs Elvis and Nola Bean (Magnolia who has MANY nick names) are the sweetest bundles of energy ever.

And then I met Maurice (Mo for short). He went to the same University I went to!! I noticed he was wearing an athletics backpack that all the student athletes at the University of Missouri. Such an easy conversation starter. Sam and Mo meet the millennial way (online/dating app) which is so freaking cool if you ask me.

They show their affection for each other so naturally and were a BREEZE to shoot in downtown Denver. See some favorites below :)

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