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Emily + Andy

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Emily and Andy's Elopement:

In March of 2020, just before the country shut down due to COVID, Emily, Andy, Julie and I met to discuss their wedding day: scheduled for May 2020.

We met for a beer at a little place in downtown Denver to discuss details and their shot list. The two soon to be doctors shrugged at us as we talked about what could happen.

"We'll see"

They weren't too concerned, not because they weren't taking COVID seriously. We all were. They weren't concerned because they already had each other. Sitting across the table from Julie and me, I saw two people who couldn't stop exchanging glances, who would giggle and move their bodies to mirror each other. I had shot two engagement sessions for Emily and Andy because they were just really freaking excited about their love.

If you know anything about Emily and Andy, you know how much they deserve each other's love.

A few days after that final meeting, we were emailing about rescheduling and updating contracts and making other arrangements. Emily and Andy ~legally~ got married so they could match for residency together, but for two people who were so giddy about their love to not get to show their friends and family?!

They had a little elopement at Boettcher Mansion in Evergreen, CO. With close family and friends, 13 months after they were supposed to originally get married. It was a perfect little day in the mountains. The little gazebo filled with the people who care deeply about Emily and Andy.

I don't think they ever stopped smiling and kissing. Kissing like they had been waiting their whole life for it.

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