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Shirin + Ty - Couple's Session

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Garden with the God and Goddess

Actually a great story: I met Shirin when I moved to Denver, but we lived in the same housing complex when we were in University. I knew Ty, her partner, but hadn't met her. I'm so happy I was able to connect with both of them in Denver and really watch their voyage. Plus their fur child Tico is the best goober ever.

Ty and Shirin were a freaking treat to shoot. We had to hit up Garden of the Gods to get those true wanderlust photos of this dreamy couple. Their personalities and interactions were so true and genuine and they were just so easy to capture. Their voyage is one of my favorites, filled with love and support and literally always being there for each other. I think you can see it in their eyes in these photos. Clearly they are the God and Goddess of Garden of the Gods.

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