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How many blankets are too many blankets?

Answer to the title: the limit does not exist.

Julie and I are always looking for more cozy blankets to wrap up in. Being in Colorado, snow days are pretty common and what's better than wrapping up in a blanket with hot cocoa and a good Netflix show.

This time around, we partnered with Ecuadane. Ecuadane sources locally made blankets from Ecuador. This family-owned business provides consumers with ethically sourced, sustainable, handmade blankets that are high quality and so so soft.

These blankets are made by the Otavalo people, an indigenous native people to Ecuador. This was so important to me when looking for a new partner because so many fabrics are created to look authentic but aren't, and basically exploit the work native people do. With Ecuadane, you know you're getting products that are authentic, and your money is going directly back to the people who made these textiles.

Ecuadane works to rebuild communities and create lasting change. Like yes... you can get pretty blankets many places. What makes these blankets special is their impact. It's more than just a cozy day watching Netflix while a blizzard moves through. They provided economic opportunity and lasting change for communities that need it.

Below are a few of our favorite photos :) Enjoy.

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