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Kaitlin + Josh

Cheers to everything and anything that could go wrong on a wedding day that did, and the celebration of love with the most important people commenced regardless, with smiles all around.

Amidst COVID, dates changed, details moved, and we rode with the it with flexibility and anticipation. In October of 2020, as the date got closer and mask mandates changed, we got ready for Kaitlin and Josh's wedding in Estes Park.

The night before their wedding, Estes Park was surrounded by fire: one of the worst Colorado has seen. Similar to California in 2020, Colorado had the largest fires in our state's history blazing all at the same time, and the east troublesome fire threatened to stop this wedding.

Between phone calls and emails, Kaitlin and Josh found a venue up north, far away from the fires with 24 hours to spare until they said, "I do." As luck would have it, the place was stunning. And then something else happened.

A snow storm dropped 14 inches during the day, and another foot during the night. While the storm and 6 degree weather squashed the outdoor wedding they had hoped for, it made the photos to die for. See for yourself below.

Kaitlin and Josh? y'

all are lucky unlucky people. Lucky to have each other <3

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