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Millennials are Ruining Big Dog Food Companies, and We are Helping.

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

WOWOWOWOW. Working with Spot and Tango was a treat, not just for the dogs, but for us too! We got to put our creativity to the test and take indoor photos. While we both like indoor photography, we take outdoor photos SOOO often. It was a fun change to get to work inside.

Having lots of dog food out around dogs can be a challenge for their patience. So they got plenty of treats on top of their extra meal! Spot and Tango is one of those dog food companies that send quality ingredients to your door. It's fresh HUMAN grade food, and we wanted to show that. Showcasing the quality ingredients in each meal was the focus of this project, while also showing our dog's unique personalities. Nelle: Precious. Tucker: Sassy. Lousie: Silly.

We did multiple video projects for Spot and Tango, which you'll see below, and a few photos at the bottom.

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