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Nature's Advantage Work

Carnivore Meats is a mother company to may high quality dog and can treat, chews, and foods. A few names that might ring a bell is Vital Essentials: a single or low ingredient, high quality brand typically sold in boutique pet stores and Nature's Advantage: a low ingredient high quality food and treat brand sold in larger stores.

We did work for both of these brands multiple times, and our dogs absolutely loved this work ~they got paid in the treats.

Creating for them has been amazing. The photos and videos we were tasked with creating challenged us to go further and we even backpacked to show how lightweight and easy their products were.

We took a diverse amount of photos: ranging from our kitchen to a city park to the backcountry, in order to deliver photos that speak to a large variety of customers.

Seeing the dog's eyes light up when they sniffed the treats was so much fun to capture. The stories were so easy to tell when pairing up a dog and their person with these treats, and I loved seeing the genuine smiles both the dogs and the people had.

See some of our work for multiple Nature's Advantage projects below.

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