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Returning Clients are our Favorite

When working with new clients, there is always a learning curve of trying to figure out exactly what they want and delivering perfectly. And the more we work with a client, the better we understand their vision and help them make it a reality.

We got to work with Spot and Tango again for some videos. A few short clips were discussed and we went with it. Julie is really used to doing longer videos that tell a narrative, so keeping that narrative in a short video was a welcomed challenge for her skill set. Everyone ended up being really happy with the videos and the stories they told (check 'em out below).

We offer reshoots and revisions for a lot of reasons, but mostly we just want our clients to be happy with the content they are getting from us. And sometimes that takes a little bit of extra back and forth exchanges and communication to get there. Additionally, I think often, people want an image that just might not be possible. They see it in their head, but it's not possible due to circumstance they didn't think about. Or maybe the photographer has an idea that tells a stronger narrative.

These conversations are important to have, and we LOVE having them. Building the foundation of content creation is so rewarding, and helps us understand our clients better for future shoots. Please enjoy these amazing videos!

In this video, we focused on what comes in one's box when they subscribe to Spot and Tango, to really show what Spot and Tango offers and how customized the meals are.

Here, we show little Louise picking the Spot and Tango food over the kibble. It was pretty easy to get a shot like this, as the dogs TOTALLY preferred the Spot and Tango food over traditional kibble.

The delivery video was one of my favorites! I loved helping Julie get the shots of the dogs rushing to the door to see their package, and Nelle ripping the box open to see what smelled so yummy

Lastly, we put together one more taste test video for Spot and Tango. Nelle and Louise BOTH wanted the Spot and Tango food over the kibble, so we figured we would supply them with two videos.

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