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The Sand Dunes were Sandy.

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

I'm a sucker for a good blanket. I promise I have too many blankets... but can you ever have too many cozy, soft blankets?? No. No you cannot. And these blankets are the softest and coziest.

Anupaya... aka the pathless path cleans up a pound of trash for every purchase made. Something our world NEEDS, and quickly. Quality, ethically sourced products that fund cleaning our environment. We are fans of their mission, to say the least.

So we had this GRAND idea of going to the Sand Dunes and getting some pictures in the gentle wind that was there last time I went. Well... This time, our experience was very different. Imagine high winds, whipping sand on your bare skin and in your eyes whilst the threat of epic pouring rain looms above you. We kept watching the clouds get closer and closer and were rushing to get some epic shots of our favorite women wrapped in these soft blankets.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. While we were fast-walking back to the car, it started pouring. The sand stuck to our skin and clothes and we laughed/groaned at the awful feeling of wet sand stuck between our toes. Julie and I decided that we just aren't meant to have a "perfect" shoot. Something has to go wrong for it to be a Tales of Voyage shoot... but what I love the most is that our images STILL came out amazing despite our luck. Peep some favs below...

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