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Wax Backpack = Dogs Can't Ruin

This project is the PERFECT example of why businesses need both influences and professional content creators to thrive.

Julie and I LOVE Hoot and Co (and it's owner Kaylynne~and her dogs: Jade and Dexter) so we jumped at the opportunity to take some photos for her of her AMAZING wax canvas backpack. When getting a new backpack, I always want to know what the interior looks like: it's pockets, what size laptop it can hold, etc.

When I am an influencer for products, I take photos specifically to look natural in my feed. Often, the product isn't the focus or center of the photo, as I don't want to come off as "spammy." Influencers take photos with their focus in mind, and we take photos with our client in mind. When making content through Tales of Voyage, not for my personal instagram feed, the game is totally different. I shift my style to match the client's need, and I make sure we are communicating their brand, not my own. The reason Julie and I started our video and photo content creation business is for this very reason. To give businesses the content they NEED instead of just getting whatever their influencers feel like taking, which don't get me wrong, are both needed.

Brands need to show how well their products integrate into personal brands and also display their brand as well to succeed. If you ask me, Hoot and Co has done an AMAZING job of this. Check out some details of their wax backpack below. And check their site for the content their influencers have created for them as well.

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