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Allie + Chevy

Updated: May 15, 2023

Chevy, a sweet pup who's between the ages of 13-15 and Allie, a 30 somethings Denverite had a City Park photo session, and stopped by a place special to them. Allie described that when she moved to Denver, newly single with her pup Chevy, as a scary time. But the two of them had each other for comfort and they had their time at Cafe Miriam, just across from City Park.

They had their sunny days rolling around in the grass—taking slow walks and sniffing around the park.

Their lives move quickly. One moment, you're teary eyed, moving to a big city, with only each other, and a moment later, you're celebrating the years you've spent in Denver—a move made possible by a little terrier mix named Chevy.

I live for the moments where I hear the intimate details of your life with your dog as you reflect on the decade spent together:

Like how you'd mosey down to the Cafe near your dirt cheap apartment, for a coffee, and how the Cafe owners loved your dog so much they would welcome her in for a treat, something they don't usually do to dogs. And how you wouldn't really "walk" through the park, no. This was Chevy's walk, so you'd slowly follow sniffs and end up laying in the grass people watching.

Allie and Chevy <3 it was a delight to capture these memories for you. When I look at these photos, I just see two kiddos, hangin out at the park.

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