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The Magic of a Good Photographer: How a Skilled Dog Photographer Can Make Magical Photos in Any Location

Living in Colorado offers us so many amazing places with stunning 360 views that are so inspirational to shoot at. We're so lucky to have endless locations to visit and create memories with you and your dogs.

Our local parks often get overlooked, especially in the winter, but we love creating magic in Denver parks too. Our style is less about the views and more about how your dog looks at you, or how their fur glimmers when the sun hits it just right. And we can capture that anywhere. On mountain tops, or in a field of flowers, or in Denver's local parks, or at your home, in your backyard, or kitchen.

We've photographed over 200 dogs, and have 15+ years of experience in photography. With a skilled dog photographer, any location is going to illicit magical photos and memories.

Below are some of our favorite photos taken in Washington park, City Park, and Sloan's Lake Park.

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