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Are Pet Portraits Worth it?

Updated: Jul 3

I've never regretted taking a photo

or bringing my camera.

Carrying the extra eight pounds of camera is always worth it

to capture another memory of my dogs.

I always regret when I leave my camera behind

for whatever reason: tired, or uninspired, or I've taken photos here before

my pack feels too light without it

always a moment I wish I had my camera to capture.

Photos aren't just ~photos~ to me. They are little time capsules that bring me back to an exact moment—I can look at a photo and remember how the sun felt. How the weather was that day. What snack I had at the alpine lake we hiked to, so my dogs could swim in the mountain cold water. They bring me back to the exact moment I take the photo—how my dog climbed up on a rock, or how my friend's dog looked up at her while we were hiking. Our dogs running around in the sun.

And I like to collect as many little time capsules as possible so all my favorite memories with my dogs are mine forever. We like to say "photos that last 700 dog years" because that's how long they'll have to last. No matter how long it's been since you hiked with your best friend, you'll be able to look at the photos we took and remember what their fur looked like in the mountain breeze, or how their ears got frizzy when it rained.

Photos are one of the few things in life that gain value as time goes on.

Are pet portraits worth it? They get more worth it every single day.

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