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What Does a Dog Photographer Do?

We're really good at pushing a button on a camera, but that's about 10% of what makes our job so special.

denver dog photographer, photographing two small dogs in the colorado mountains

When it comes to photographing dogs, there's a lot of time that goes into developing our skills to allow any dog to shine.

A dog photographer should make your dog feel comfortable, whatever it takes. We pride ourselves on being able to photograph a dog at any distance. While we love close ups, we also have the gear to accommodate photos at a large distance, if your dog is shy or takes time warming up to us. We always move at the pace your dog is comfortable with. If they need a little extra time between photos to decompress, we're more than happy to take our time. Additionally, we always bring plenty of different treats and a few toys to make your dog feel spoiled and at home! Earning their trust is a TOP priority.

A dog photographer should have a vast understanding of dog body language to make sure your dog is comfortable, and thus look happy and comfortable in your photos. Dog body language is so subtle. There's a huge difference in a dog's puppy dog begging eyes, and stressed out whale eyes. We'll always ask if your dog is comfortable before we ask you to do a pose, and if they aren't, that's okay! We have PLENTY of different photos we can take, and we'll always suggest different poses if your dog might be uncomfortable with what we're asking.

A dog photographer should understand how to edit every different type of coat texture and color, so your dog looks true to themselves in their photos. Editing skin tones is one of the most important things about photographing humans, and in the same way, making sure a dog's coat looks natural to their color is very important to us. I've spent well over 100 hours developing presets to allow your dog to shine and look like themselves.

A dog photographer should be obsessed with your dog. And we are. You'll see it at your session. The ears? The nose? Their special little spot on their back? Literally every single part of your dog, we're obsessed with. And they'll be obsessed with us too. I promise: we're not lying when we say we're your dog's favorite photographers ;)

A dog photographer shouldn't judge you for how you train your dog. Julie and I both use different training methods with our dogs. We're here for responsible training and won't judge you based on the method you choose!

A dog photographer shouldn't judge what kind of dog you have. The story of where we got each of our dogs is different. If you rescued, or found your dog in a dumpster, or found a breeder you trusted, or found a dog on craigslist, every dog deserves a home, and we're not going to judge their story.

A dog photographer should create photos that will last 700 dog years. We have a checklist in our brains when we arrive at each session. One photo we always make sure to get is a photo of what their dog looks like when you look down at them at your feet. We photograph your dog in the way that YOU see them because YOU are the only one who sees them every single day. Photos have a very special effect—they immortalize a moment, and they give us more time with our dogs by transplanting us back into a moment. 700 dog years from now, you'll look at the photos you have of the dog you got in your 20s who looked up at you each morning waiting for you to throw the ball, or drop a piece of food, or invite them onto the couch. What does a dog photographer do? They give you the ability to have your dog forever.

denver dog photographer giving a puppy a treat after they posed for a photo in the colorado mountains

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