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Nicole + Texan

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

When the rainstorms roll in, or the snowstorm is promised, or the weather isn't the perfect forecast, we'll always move your session.

But before you panic when you see the forecast, know we'll shoot in anything. We'll be there to capture the moments where your best friend is next to you

like they always are

in any rainstorm

in any hardship

cuddling in bed

long walks in the rain because you just needed to get outside

summiting the mountain you didn't want to hike by yourself,

you never have to do it alone,

your dog is always there

in any snow storm

prancing in the deep snow

cold but not cold enough to stay inside

car becoming covered as you hike back down

feet cold but the happiest face sitting in the backseat thankful for the adventure

the unperfect weather

it doesn't matter

the way they look at you

in the snow and

in the rain and

in the sunshine

its all the same

on any voyage

a best friend there by your side

we're here to tell that tale

of voyage

that's what we are here for

that's what we love.

So we'll always reschedule your session, but we'll also always show up

with cameras in hand

and treats in our pockets

smiling and laughing while you dance in the rain with your bestie

We've been there too.

When it's raining and your reason to smile is your dog.

Tails of Voyage.

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