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Carly + Zero

Carly met Zero when she needed him most, as one does. When people say the dog picks you, they mean it. And you might not understand it until you've felt it.

Carly's heart dog was a Dalmatian named Molly, who's favorite toy was a little toy version of the ghost dog from Nightmare Before Christmas—Zero.

"I wasn't planning on getting another dog right away," Carly told us during her session with Zero. We nodded our heads agreeing. We'd both felt that feeling before. The fate of meeting a dog even though you aren't sure if you're ready.

Zero is a perfect little dotted creature, reminiscent of Molly, even likes her Zero toy.

We're obsessed with his ears, and his lil brown eyes and how silly and sweet he is <3

We're glad he found Carly when he did.


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