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Carlye + Lucy

Lucy Goose. Toasted Marsh mellow. Sweet creature. It's her world and we are living in it. Lucy and Carlye are close, close how you see two beings and just know they were destined to meet.

"She’s the goose to my maverick, my dog soulmate, me in dog form." This 13 year old husky/shiba mix was the perfect balance of independent and loyal, trotting along on her own way, but also refusing to get a solo photo, without Carlye.

Moments we loved from this shoot—

the way clumps of Lucy's hair visible in several of these photos floating in the breeze. Husky owners get it.

the way Carlye and Lucy would just match each others vibes, some silly, some looking off into the distance, watching

the way Lucy knew this photo shoot was for her, trotting back and forth from Julie and me getting treats every step of the way

the way Carlye warned us she would likely cry. Us too, I said. My eyes water up during every session.

When you describe your dog as "She’s the goose to my maverick, my dog soulmate, me in dog form," we don't only see it, but we feel it.

I hope you feel it in these photos too.


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