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Charlotte + Ginsburg + Annabeth

There's something special about photographing someone over the years as their dogs age and leave this planet. It's gut wrenching and healing all at the same time to see people mourn their dogs and find comfort in another dog.

We've photographed Charlotte a hand full of times, and we're lucky enough to have known Starsky before Ginsburg, and now Annabeth. The relationship Charlotte has with each of her dogs is so unique and different. You can see it in each session.

Starsky kept her safe, protected and slowed Charlotte down, to sniff the flowers you might say. He was such a special boy, and I'll keep the memories I have of that leggy boy locked in my heart forever. I know Charlotte will too.

Ginsburg, on the other hand, makes Charlotte brave. She (quite literally) pulls Charlotte toward new adventures, showing her there's nothing they cannot do together, and nothing to be afraid of.

I cannot wait to see what Annabeth teaches Charlotte, but from this 30 minute session with her, I think she's going to teach Charlotte how to laugh again, how to smile, have fun, and enjoy the little things in life to the fullest.

This pack is always so fun to photograph, and I cannot wait to see where we will cross paths again. Maybe Charlotte will have a third dog ;)


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