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Congrats to the Grads!

We had SO much shooting our dear friend Jess. Lil bb Jess is the youngest in our little dog group, but you would never know, thanks to her maturity and the way she carries herself. Jess graduated from high school a full year early, and has been taking classes at a community college for the past year.

She's currently gearing up to start at a University in the fall, and I'm so so excited to see what she accomplishes. Environmental engineering is on the list right now, and HECK Jess would excel in that, or any number of majors she wanted to achieve, honestly. The original plan was to go to Alaska and mush her dogs whilst getting a degree, but the recent need for environmental protection perked Jess' interest and thus, CU Boulder is on the horizon.

We need more people like Jess in the world: going to college to change the world and taking change in stride. One day, this gal will have a full sled dog team, an AMAZING career and literally anything she wants. Here are some of our favorite selects from her session.

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