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Dead Men Can't Catcall


I LITERALLY LOVE THESE SHIRTS. They say, "Dead men can't catcall" and I honestly don't think I've resinated with a shirt so much. As a feminist, I jumped at the idea of doing a discounted shoot for a local non-profit: Bad Bettie Project. They work to empower women in the Denver area and help bad ass women succeed through a community of women.

And as women, I think we can all learn something from that. We should be supporting other women. In creative fields, we should be lifting others up and inspiring others instead of being negative and vindictive. Some photographers choose not to help other photographers succeed, and we disagree with that statement. Working together and bolstering each other is a great way to shatter the glass ceilings that hold us down.

Check out some badass women wearing these badass shirts in the name of Bad Bettie Project.

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