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Dogs Were Made for Us

Meet Kolleen: a dog trainer who has had some amazing bonds with her dogs, past and present. Kolleen's dog Reagan was such a treat to shoot. Such a silly and free spirited pup who was easy going and was "just happy to be there."

One of my favorite Reagan quirks is her silly lip, which Kolleen thinks she purposly gets caught on her tooth for attention. And her freaking paws, which you'll see below, are too freaking much when she "begs."

One of my favorite things about shooting dogs and people together is how easily detectable their bond is. Rea and Kolleen were so interconnected in their movements and glances toward each other. I could see 11 years of memories as they hiked up the trail ahead of us. "God they are cute" I would whisper under my breath. But what I really mean by that is "how amazing those 11 years must have been—how many things they must have experienced together." Heartbreak, moving, crisis, starting a business... life.

We get to experience life with something completely different from us. The bond with the most strength; nothing else quite like it on earth.

Kolleen and Reagan:

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