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Emily + Andy - Engagement

I've known Emily and her dogs for a little while. She and I have very similar philosophies in raising our dogs and talk a lot about how best to communicate to our four legged friends. Through this, I got to know a lot about Emily's kindness and and good vibes. She has a very calming presence about her.

I had the pleasure of meeting her fiance Andrew the other day, and the two go together like PB & J. They move with each other and are so aware of each others thoughts and feelings. You could see the feelings of love on their faces as they connected in little intimate moments all throughout their shoot.

My favorite thing is when you're shooting a couple that loves each other, they need almost no direction at all. They connect with each other and become so comfortable with the camera instantly. They have their favorite person there, making them feel their best and they are always so confident. Natural candids are all I want to shoot when it comes to couples. The intimate moments is what I live to capture, and that doesn't happen when couples are staring at the camera smiling. It happens when they are engaged with each other and giggling at an inside joke they have together.

Check out some of my favorite moments between Emily and Andy. They are too freaking cute.

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