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Gina + Charlie

Denver Dog Guide: a social account that brings together the dog obsessed humans of Denver by making dog friendly events, hikes, experiences, and businesses more accessible.

When I first moved to Denver in 2018, I knew Denver was a dog friendly city, but it wasn't until Gina and Charlie started touring Denver and posting on their instagram, Denver Dog Guide that I realized how many different activities I could do with my dogs. We're so thankful to Gina and Charlie for creating such a wonderful dog community in Denver!

We felt so honored to work with Gina and Charlie to capture some special mountain memories with just the two of them. Julie and I both run instagram accounts for our dogs, so we always know how special it is when someone who puts time and energy into an account wants to work with us.

Below are some of our favorites from their session. Charlie's teef stole the show.

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