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Jess, Ellie, + Ayra

I'd like to take a moment to celebrate the friends who always supported us.

The friends who booked us years ago and still book us now. The friends who share our posts on social, comment on our content, and have been cheering us on as we built this business.

Every member of this dog obsessed community has been so kind and supportive to us, as we pivoted to pursue dog photography more and more.

I first met Jess back in 2018—I was traveling in Aspen, CO and met her with Ellie, her first dog. Years later, we'd become friends.

Julie and I have photographed Jess three times now, and these are by far our favorite. Not just because of the epic scenery and the growth in photography Julie and I have experienced, but because I can genuinely feel the happiness radiating from Jess in a way I hadn't before.

Ellie and Arya bounding around the mountain side, Jess strolling along giggling, smiling like she meant it.


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