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Juniper + Luke

When we saw the booking notification from this session come in explaining Juni and Luke were from Snarl Rescue (Special Needs Animal Rescue League) and were looking for their forever homes, we got so excited to capture their portraits.

In the time from booking to the shoot date, Juniper was adopted. A confirmed forever home, and a place to take her new photos. Her foster mom standing there smiling the bitter sweet smile every foster parent will understand. The happiness that a safe place for Juni to call home, with the painful goodbye knocking at the door.

Luke has had interest, but he's still available for adoption! He is a 5 year old hound mix looking for a family to provide him endless rubs and adventures. Luke is known for his velvet soft fur and gentle personality to match! His favorite things include snuggles, pets, and hugs. You can find out more about Luke here.

Some of our fav photos from our session:


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