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Michelle, Jake, + Ayla

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

There are a few clients who have been with us from the very beginning. When we'd book a few dog sessions in between weddings and branded content to fill our souls with the tales of you with you best friend. There's something special about documenting people with their dogs. And it's what Julie and I have been chasing since the very beginning of our times as photographers.

Picking up our cameras to photograph our own dogs. It's how we got our beginnings, full instagram pages devoted to our besties, little did we know it was training us for our craft and how it would bring so many of you to us.

Michelle and Ayla are one of those clients that's been with us as we grew.

In 2020, we photographed Michelle and Ayla at our first ever mini session.

I remember Michelle telling us the story of how she and Ayla found each other, and how they are soulmates, always there for each other.

That sentiment rang particularly true this year as Ayla battled some health issues. So often as dog owners, our dogs stand next to us, protecting us on late night walks, cuddling in bed when we are sick, following us to the bathroom, there through break ups and break downs, through it all. And as they get older, those tides change to us being there for them through treatments, potty breaks that become more frequent to happening indoors, getting special food to bring their appetite back, random scary surgeries to get answers about a new bump you found, retrieving the ball a little slower than usual.

There's something very special about photographing the same dog every year. Perhaps the hardest part is seeing their muzzle gray a little more, but still there's still the same look in their eyes when they gaze up at you. It's the same look in your eyes when they look at you too. Something unspoken holding a dog and a person together. A special connection every dog owner understands, but it's indescribable.

It's what we call the love of dog.

Below is Ayla's fourth session with us.

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