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Robyn + Zeppelin's Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life shoots are hard for us in all the best ways possible. Watching how much love people have for their dogs in their last memories together is something so special and emotional for us.

Each session ends with Julie and I holding our tears as best we can, and typically letting them overflow as we hug you. We laugh, groan, and cry in the car thinking about how bad it will hurt when they leave, and seeing us in your position too.

Julie and I are lucky enough to have not lost one of our dogs yet—It's inevitable. It's one of the only things you can be sure of when you get a dog. The leaves fall every fall, the tops of the mountains cover in snow every year, and dogs leave us too soon.

We sign our hearts away when we sign papers for a dog. We sign our hearts and accept the grief it brings. And we love every second of it. And we do it over and over again. Why? For the love of dog, of course.

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