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Shaylee, Jack, and Leia

The truth to being candid, isn't the plandid you might be used to. It's not the photographer telling you to pose and pretend.

Real candid moments are very real. They are venerable and tender, and often times, so hard to do in front of a camera, or in public.

The meaning of truly candid is feeling what you want to remember in front of the camera.

Feeling the joy of running through a flower field with your dog

Feeling the silly of your dog not sitting still, or making that weird face they always make

Feeling the solstice of contentment. You, your partner, and your dog. In the mountains.

Feeling the bitter sweet of knowing you only get so many of these moments.

Feeling the love of your dog looking at you, kissing you, leaning on you.

Feeling the happiness of knowing it was all caught on camera.

All the little moments.

We might pose you. It helps, but know the little moments between the poses are being captured too. We saw the way your dog looked at you as you went to stand up. We caught it on camera. We bottled up that tiny moment into pixels in a frame on our camera, soon to be a frame on your wall that will age the way memories do. It'll bring back that moment and all the other times you felt that feeling too.

Thats what real moments do. They transport you back to that feeling, and it's why we pose you in such a minimal way. The pose is the least important part of the moment. The feeling is the magic.

We hope your session is filled with:

Tiny little moments of magic.

Snippets of candid to bring you back.

Time travel in a frame.

I hope in these photos below you can see all the poses we gave, and the sweet candid moments that happened during and after them.

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