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Pray 4 Snow - an Annual REI Event

Each year, REI's all over the United States host Pray 4 Snow parties. REI members gather to roast twinkies and marshmallows over the fire, learn about different snow gear, get some free stuff, and compete to win $500+ in prizes by wearing their retro snow gear. More than anything, Pray 4 Snow is all about getting fresh powder on the slopes for the skiers and snowboarders. Normally in Colorado, all the resorts are open by the time the event is hosted; it's all in good fun.

This year, I was able to photograph the event, and it was such a blast. Ice sculptures, live music, wild Colorado people, free stuff, amazing food, and so many laughs.

With over 1,000+ tickets sold, this event was HUGE and the weather was TERRIBLE. Think spitting rain and disgusting wet cold. But. We prayed for snow. And it snowed. In the middle of the event, the rain turned into snow. Below are some of my favorite images from the event. This was the first time I had ever shot an event like this, and only my second time ever shooting people in SUCH low light. Please enjoy my learning experience.

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