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Vail Weekend that Lasts Forever, Plz

HOLY HECK we had an AMAZING time in Vail, CO for the GoPro Games a bit ago. #TBT what a great start to the summer. I'm still riding on the high from such a perfect weekend filled with pampering, exploring, new friends and camping.

It started at Hotel Talisa. Two wonderful nights spent with our dogs in such a dog friendly hotel. We attended their Yappy Hour, and the dogs left with some new toys, treats, full bellies and were VERY sleepy. The humans left in a similar state. Happy. Full. Sleepy. We spent the evening under the stars in a hot tub built for royalty and were treated to amazing breakfast in bed (and of course the dogs got a lick or two).

Hotel Talisa backs directly up to a river so you can constantly hear the rushing of fresh water from your hotel room. And you have stunning views of to moose that are enjoying Vail too. We explored Vail, we ate lots of good food, and we watched our dogs have a blast.

After we left the hotel, we found a WONDERFUL campsite that we will 100% be returning to come autumn. The aspen trees were too stunning.

Check out some of our favorite photos from this weekend. Can you tell how happy our dogs are?

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