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Alexa + Connor - Engagement

Updated: Apr 8, 2022


Because these photos KILLED ME. Honestly skip my words and go look. But also here are some words.

Alexa and Connor wanted fields of wildflowers with tall mountains in the background and a lake. check. So we drove to Wyoming to a spot that they love to go in the summers, and wondered around and played with our cameras.

My goal here was to make Alexa's vision happen. Two weeks prior she said to me "I have nothing hanging up in my house and I want these to be f*cking art." check.

We get to create magic with our cameras. We get to go to pretty places, with people who are in love, and capture all that pretty with a little tool we hold in our hands. Just a snapshot is all we take, but we hope it tells a story to last a lifetime. See our favorite art below.

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