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Boba + Nori + Virginia + Christopher

"When we got back to the car, Christopher turned to me and said "well, I think we found our family photographers here in CO" — reviews like this mean everything to us.

Julie and I have been talking a lot about how we've found our people. Our people who love their dogs unapologetically. Our people who have entire instagram accounts for their dogs. Our people who hike the hikes that are dog friendly. Our people who take their dogs to breweries. Our people who ask, "Is it dog friendly?" before committing to an evening event. Our people who book photo shoots where their dog's come first.

Virginia and Christopher's relationship with their dogs is so special and sweet. We watched Boba and Nori zoom through the long grass and giggled as they explained to us their relationships with each other. How happy and goofy they are, and how much fun they have added to their lives.

Enjoy their session below. We sure did :)


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