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Dogs are LITERALLY Incredible

Over the past few weeks, Julie and I have watched some dogs do some pretty amazing things. I've watched dogs pull thousands of pounds, climb 12 feet up a wall, run faster than almost anything else, and jump almost 31 feet into the water.

Having dogs that compete ourselves, we so appreciate and enjoy seeing dogs and their handlers working as a team and competing. Julie mushes her dogs with both bikes and sleds, and seeing her dogs work is so so so much fun. I do disc, dock diving and a little bit of agility with Nelle, and I'm working on getting her into lure coursing as well.

We both have such an appreciation for people who work with their dogs to achieve a goal together. The communication and focus it takes from both parties is so amazing to watch. From encouraging your dog to push themselves to keeping them safe and focused, dog sports are amazing to watch and be a part of.

They are often necessary for many breeds as well. Think about a husky who was bred for mushing. When they get to run and pull in the snow, their drive and focus are so evident and so is their happiness. Similar to watching a border collie herd a family of sheep. These dogs are TOP athletes and are so freaking fit, both mentally and physically. Below are some images we captured of dogs giving it their ALL. Enjoy.

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