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Simone + Harley

Sunrise sessions hit different—maybe it's the devotion it takes to get out of bed in the morning and drive to a trailhead before the sun comes up. Or maybe it's the emptiness of the trail; the only ones up that early.

For me it's the light—somehow it's more fleeting in the morning, that perfect lighting. It makes every photo I take a little bit more special, reminding me we only have a few minutes of that perfect light.

PHOTO—quite literally means light. To capture it is to take a photo. And it's what drives our style here at Tails of Voyage. The way the light moves in photos and how you can use it to tell a story gives us so much passion and creativity in the moment. We love every type of light the sun gives us. How we use it to paint the story of you and your dog is our favorite story to tell.

Simone and Harley—her sun <3


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