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Stanley + Echo

This is a lesson on not fixing your dogs for photos. We've photographed Stanley a few times, and we love when we get to photograph people and their dogs more than once; we know more about their personality and try to capture the extra special parts of their personalities. This time, Kathryn added a second dog to the session. Echo—an absolutely WILD GSP. And if you own a GSP you'll be like "duh it's a GSP of course she's wild."

Stanley and Echo are now a dynamic duo, who are the best of friends. Julie and I loved watching they run through the field together, derpy, tongues flopped out to the side. Echo's ears getting stuck in the broken position for a couple of photos, which are darling, and let this be a friendly reminder that the imperfect photos are the perfect ones.

The ones where your dog's lip gets stuck in their toof, it's okay. Don't fix it. And their ears off to the side because they got a little too excited about something, it's okay. Don't fix it. When their tongue is stuck to the side out of their mouth, or they're sitting all goofy to the side, or they won't look at the camera because they are looking at you, or they got muddy rolling in the grass, don't fix it. Because there will be a day where you want nothing more than to see the silly, imperfect moment one more time. And you'll have it forever in a photo on your phone, or on your wall.

All the perfect and imperfect moments are below <3


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