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Wynn + Hiccup

What you all have created for us is rare. This community of Denver dog lovers. When you're starting a small business, it's unheard of to get reviews and texts of gratitude after every shoot.

I catch myself sometimes not feeling like it's real, but I pinch myself out of it by reminding myself that these are our people. The people that are grateful for every moment with their dogs, and people who feel this way when they receive their photos from us:

"These two lil’ rescue pups (@allpointswestgsprescue ) have done nothing but bring joy, excitement, and tenderness into our family. They are the main characters in our life. They are why we go out on trails everyday. They’ve taught us that life should include your favorite things as much as possible. There is always time for treats, cuddles, playing, exploring, and napping. Honestly these dogs keep me grounded in a way that brings me back to the simple joys of everyday life.

We worked with @tailsofvoyage to capture the magic of our partnership and it was the greatest decision! Ellen and Julie brought the most sincerely kind energy that made us (all four of us…including Wynn our stranger danger dog) feel so comfortable. They created a judgement free space for us to be our authentic selves and it resulted in the most perfect photos that we will cherish forever. So if you’ve ever thought about taking photos with your pets JUST DO IT! The joy these photos bring will last forever and we are already excited to work with @tailsofvoyage again in the future"

Tori and Noah brought so much authenticity to their shoot and showed up as their dog obsessed selves. When I ran into Tori and Noah two months after their shoot, they unlocked their phones to reveal background photos of their dogs, expressing that they were their favorite photos ever. I didn't recognize them at first, but how could I when their dogs weren't with them?

Scroll to see all the moments from this shoot. <3 and Tori and Noah, thank you so much!


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